Friday, July 3, 2009


Okay, so it's three months later, and everything I have written in the my previous two posts don't really apply anymore! It's funny how when you think you've got your course mapped out, you've planned and plotted and you think you 're good for the long haul, God reminds you just who is in charge! And if (and I do mean IF) you are trying to live your life according to His plans, you will find that you really don't have a clue! Within a month of the last post, as I stated being ready to do what it took to stay in my little historic cottage, the Lord showed me that I needed to move and so, I did! I came to Athens where Jordan was and he and I found a house that fits our needs together - he has his own little suite of an office, bedroom and bathroom and there is enough room that his girlfriend, Jessika, was able to move in with us after she moved out of the dorm. We thought at that point that Jordan would be having the surgery in May, but have found that depending on your insurance carrier, that they can move at whatever pace they wish. We felt it important that I be close by to help as Jess is a full time student and we really didn't know what kind of help Jordan would require as he goes through this. Plus, just the need for both of us to tighten our belts financially (well, I guess soon he'll be tightening his belt literally! ) so now we are sharing expenses. It's been a process. And I think most of us would agree, we don't like "process"! Usually it means learning new ways of doing things and that can sometimes be uncomfortable! But as a whole, I know that this is where I'm supposed to be and I'm confident that God will work all this for good! The weeks have drug for Jordan as the bulging discs in his back are possibly now herniated and the numbness in his legs and feet are worse. He is working the minimum hours at Starbucks to keep benefits and then spends the rest of the time flat on his back working on his websites. As of last week, we found out that the Dr. that we were requesting to do the surgery was denied so we have started paperwork for a new Dr. this week. We have tried to expedite things by having some preliminary work done that we know he will have to do, like his sleep study for his sleep apnea, but the frustration of having someone who has no vested interest in your personal circumstances and handling paperwork in a timely fashion is sometimes beyond your patience. Oh yes, I really dislike that word. It's one of those things you desperately want, but don't want to go through the process (there's that word again!) of finding it! But I do believe that ultimately, God is sovereign. He is in control. And if the Dr. we thought we were going to use can not be approved, then there is a reason. Why is it taking so long? I ask that question every day. When I watch Jordan try to walk across the room. But as Romans 5:4-5a says "And patience produces character, and character produces hope. And this hope will not disappoint." NCV

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