Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Beginnings

Spring is in the air! If you live anywhere that experiences seasons (sorry friends in South Florida, but this leaves you out!) there are signs everywhere of a new season - green leaves on the trees, buds waiting to burst open with fresh color on trees and shrubs, birds building their nests in your deck chair, yellow pine pollen on every surface it can hit, grass growing again that needs to be mowed! Yes, definitely pluses and minuses, but well worth it. We have come through a long, cold, damp winter, but life is being renewed outside our window!

As it is with Jordan's surgery, we have come through the winter of insurance problems and delays and are in the spring of beginning again. We saw his surgeon this week and because of the time that had passed, he wanted Jordan to begin as a new patient again. While this was disappointing in that Jordan had not forgotten the material, he felt that it would be the motivation he needed. So, he attended his education class again yesterday and is now scheduled for the gallbladder ultrasound and the cardiologist. Because everything involved with gastric bypass surgery has to be paid upfront, we will begin the process of covering a new deductible and out-of-pocket expenses. We will begin to actively sell raffle tickets for the quilt again so that we can schedule his endoscopy and psychologist. He will be receiving his CPAP machine for his sleep apnea and will continue to work on getting his blood pressure down (Jessika and I are not allowed to yell at him!). He has begun an exercise regiment with a friend from Starbucks who is also the rowing coach here at UGA, so he will be accountable (THANK GOD!) to Michael for his exercise program (Pray for Michael!).

I am reminded that so often we forget that God is the God of winters, as well as of spring. I have struggled myself with some very dark, cold winters, but the Lord promises to "never leave us or forsake us" in the winters of our lives. The verse I lean on most heavily during these times is from Jeremiah (the weeping prophet) 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you', declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". There is always a plan. During this time of delay in Jordan's surgery, we have learned a lot about the insurance companies, and Jordan has learned to persevere in times of difficulty. To keep going even when the way seems blocked. So, as long as we keep learning and keep trusting, spring will come! It's right around the corner!!

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